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We bring organizations and initiatives together that foster diversity in the Swiss startup ecosystem, for more transparency, collaboration and joint impact.

Collective Gathering

Make the Swiss startup and innovation ecosystem more feminine


29 May 2024


1:30 pm – 5:45 pm


Kulinarium, Bern

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by our member organizations and communities:

25 April 2024

Leveraging Computer Science for Career Success

Leveraging Computer Science for Career Success – From Education to Practice

25 April 2024

Future Forward: Technology for a Better Tomorrow – #everythingisconnected

Key question: How can tech, especially AI, drive impactful positive change?

29 May 2024

Collective Gathering

Let’s mingle to shape the future of the Swiss deep-tech and innovation landscape with a more feminine touch.

Collective Map

Find the resources you need to thrive as a female founder

Empowering female founders

Navigate your founder journey with the Collective Map.


by our member organizations and communities:

Map of Female Founders

Explore the Swiss female founders map to gain transparency on the number of female founders in Switzerland and their sectors.

Female Founder Podcast

With this podcast, you look behind the scenes of entrepreneurship and get encouraged to walk your very own path.

Video recaps of the #collective events throughout the year.

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