For more diversity

We bring organizations and initiatives together that foster diversity in the Swiss startup ecosystem, for more transparency, collaboration and joint impact.

Because together we are stronger

Together with our member organizations and communities, we’re committed to:

Unleash women’s potential

Increase the number of female founders and investors

Strengthen the Swiss innovation potential and economy

Benefits of the Collective:

Transparent overview of who does what.

Connecting with other organizations and individuals, sharing expertise, and learning from each other.

Building a critical mass and giving voice to our shared interests and issues, to improve framework conditions for diversity, equality and inclusion.

Partnering and collaborating with other organizations and initiatives.

Increasing everybody’s impact, because together we are stronger.

Upcoming events

by our member organizations and communities:

6 February 2024

FemSpinWorkshop Series – #2 in Zürich

FemSpin Consortium (FHNW, EPFL , ETH , HES-SO, PSI, SUPSI, University Basel, Bern, Zürich & Geneva)

8 February 2024

Female Founders Dinner

Swiss Startup Association

8 February 2024

FemSpinWorkshop Series – #2 in Olten

FemSpin Consortium (FHNW, EPFL , ETH , HES-SO, PSI, SUPSI, University Basel, Bern, Zürich & Geneva)

Our shared vision

It’s our vision that by 2025 we will be making headlines together such as:
«The Swiss economy is successful thanks to better framework conditions for women and is increasingly shaped by exceptional female founders and investors.» 


by our member organizations and communities:

Map Female Founders

The female founder map aims to provide transparency on the number of female founders in Switzerland and their sectors.

Female Founder Podcast

With this podcast, you look behind the scenes of entrepreneurship and get encouraged to walk your very own path.

Highlights from the Collective Breakfast

gathering 100 female founders, investors & CEOs at the startup days. 

About the Collective

The Collective was initiated in 2022 by SICTIC and startup days, namely by Dr. Cornelia Gut and Dr. Dominik Isler. They recognized that many initiatives and organizations foster diversity and female entrepreneurship, but an overview and coordination were missing. To close this gap, the startup days decided to take up this coordination, with Melanie Kovacs in the leading role.

Become a partner of the Collective

If you are interested in becoming an exclusive partner of the Collective, please contact Maximilian Wörlein.

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