Building inclusion with LEGO® Serious Play®

A transformative experience using LEGO® Serious Play® to shape a more inclusive and innovative culture.

Through hands-on building exercises, we’ll explore diverse perspectives, foster open communication, and construct a foundation for a workplace where every voice is heard.

Gear up for a dynamic journey where colorful bricks become the building blocks of a more inclusive and innovative future.

Your takeaways of the workshop:

  1. Enhanced Communication
  2. Diverse Perspectives Unveiled
  3. Inclusive Problem Solving
  4. Cultivating Empathy
  5. Solidifying a Culture of Inclusion

This transformative workshop facilitated by Patrycja Pielaszek, and powered by the community-led platform, leverages the innovative LEGO® Serious Play® methodology to build a more inclusive and innovative culture.


11 March 2024


05:30 pm


08:30 pm


Collab22, Seestrasse 42, 8802 Kilchberg