Female Founders: Fem Tech Edition - Women's Health in Focus

Did you know that medicine and healthcare were not originally developed with women in mind?

This Innosuisse-event marks the start of a multipart series of events aiming to increase representation of women among entrepreneurs and to bring aspiring entrepreneurs of all genders into contact with successful female entrepreneurs.

At the event we will provide insights into entrepreneurship as well as the specific topic of fem-tech:

Did you know that women have been underrepresented or entirely excluded from clinical trials, research studies, and health data collection initiatives? As a result, many healthcare interventions, medications, and treatment plans are based primarily on data collected from men, overlooking the unique physiological, hormonal, and genetic factors that influence women’s health.

Fem-Tech startups are playing a crucial role in closing this gender data gap by generating new data, conducting research, and developing technologies that cater specifically to women’s health. By leveraging digital tools, wearable devices, mobile applications, and data analytics, Fem-Tech is empowering women to actively participate in their healthcare journey, capture their health data, and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of women’s health.

Join us at our event as we discover the transformative potential of Fem-Tech in closing the gender data gap and about innovative start-ups transforming women’s health and well-being.

Get inspired by Céline Spillmann, founder of PERIOD GmbH, Virginia Franco, co-founder of YONI Solutions SA, Petronela Sandulache, founder of CorDiFio, Lisa Falco AI & Data Consultant for Health & FemTech, Forbes Contributor, and Author as they come together to share their innovative ideas to revolutionize women’s health and to discuss the challenges and opportunities of founding and working in a start-up. The Event will be moderated by Melanie Kovacs, an award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and startup trainer.


20 September 2023


06:00 pm


09:00 pm


University of Bern, Main Building, Kuppelraum