FemSpinWorkshop Series - #1 in Zürich

FemSpin Consortium (FHNW, EPFL , ETH , HES-SO, PSI, SUPSI, University Basel, Bern, Zürich & Geneva)

This two-part series aims to:

  • Day 1: Facilitate the exchange of experiences between different stakeholders within and across institutions to share & discuss best practices & address the biggest current gaps.
  • Day 2: Develop novel solutions to address the biggest current gaps. Develop suggestions to improve existing and/or create new structures in academic institutions, start-up incubators and innovation hubs that will enable more female founders in the future.
  • Formulate demands, wishes & expectations towards different stakeholders: State and university management among others.
  • Draw up an implementation roadmap with measures specific to your institution or programme to create an (even) more supportive environment for future female start-ups and spin-offs.

24 November 2023


09:00 am


12:00 pm


University of Zürich