Get ahead of your lawyers!

Female Founders Initiative & Kellerhals Carrard Startup & VC Desk

Get ahead of your lawyers!
How to navigate all things legal to be prepared for fundraising as a tech startup.

We are excited to invite you to this special event with Kellerhals Carrard Startup & VC Desk to get you up and ready for your fundraising journey. We will look at the following questions with you and give you the opportunity to ask all those, that you need legal answers for:

  • What investors should I talk to?
  • What deal terms should I be familiar with when receiving the first term sheet?
  • What to expect when talking to a strategic investor vs. a VC?
  • How to avoid nasty surprises in the due diligence process?
  • How to avoid investors raising flags on my IP?

Dario Silberschmidt (Kellerhals Carrard Startup & VC Desk corporate, as well as VC expert) and further team members will guide you through the legal jungle. Are you a founder or prospective founder needing some insights for your journey, an advisors or director of a venture-backed early- to mid-stage deep tech or other technology startupsThen sign up – pick the lawyers’ brains!


30 January 2024


04:30 pm


08:00 pm


Kellerhals Carrard