#herHACK Networking Event: Navigating Your Career in the Age of AI

The #herHACK Networking event in Zurich promises insights into the AI-driven job-market, expert knowledge and exchange.

This #herHACK Networking event is a dynamic and insightful event designed to equip attendees with the necessary insights and concrete actions to navigate an AI-driven job market.

At this event, we bring together experts in AI, career coaching and human resources to discuss the transformative impact of AI and its implications for individual career paths. The event will also emphasize the significance of continuous learning, adaptability, and cultivating essential soft skills to complement technical expertise in an AI-centric world. Curious about how you can navigate your career in the age of AI?

In this event, you will learn more about:

  • what you need to know: how AI changes tasks, roles and responsibilities of future jobs
  • what you need to focus on: how AI can accelerate your career progress
  • what you need to do: how AI tools support your career search

Join this event if you:

  • are looking for new career opportunities in the area of AI and beyond
  • get insight into which skills and expertise will be in demand in the future
  • want to future-proof your career in the age of AI

The event kicks off with 3 lightning talks by different experts in AI focusing on the three different areas to navigate your career.

The event is proudly supported by LzLabsSingapore Global Network and #TechFace.

Get your ticket now and don’t miss the chance to accelerate your career with AI.


30 August 2023


06:00 pm


09:30 pm


Impact Hub Viadukt Zürich